How it Works

We have created two primary services to address what seniors want and need but are not currently receiving.

At no cost to you, we will provide a specially trained Nurse Practitioner to meet with you and perform a comprehensive face to face visit to:

• Answer your questions and empower you to stay healthy
• Identify and address gaps in your care
• Perform needed screenings or other preventive services
• Explain your benefits and eligibility for your on-going care with your regular doctor(s)
• Provide assistance on managing ongoing chronic conditions
• Explain available community resources to help reduce your expenses for medication, food and regular on-going care
You will also receive a healthcare assistance check to spend as you wish.

For seniors in need of ongoing care coordination services, we will provide a nurse for you to work with on a regular basis at no cost to you. Your nurse will:
• Consult with you in-between visits with your regular doctor
• Assist you in scheduling labs, screenings and appointments with your regular care providers
• Provide assistance in achieving treatment plan and care goals
• Answer your questions and address your concerns about your care.
• Provide the necessary assistance to help keep you healthy, independent and live the highest quality of life

The Results
Most seniors report they are 100% satisfied with our services and feel empowered with the knowledge and resources available to ensure the best ongoing care possible. Aside from improved health outcomes the average patient also realizes a reduction in ongoing care expenses in excess of $700 annually.

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